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Improving lives through clinical research

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When you participate in a paid clinical trial conducted by Precision Clinical Research, you will be welcomed by our professional and caring staff who will guide you through every step of the process. Compensation for time and travel for study-related activities is available to qualified candidates. Help advance science and medicine to discover new breakthroughs and treatments that enable patients to live healthier lives and improve their quality of life.

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Current Enrolling Studies Near Coconut Creek

Participating in a clinical trial is the best way everyday people can contribute to important medical discoveries. Precision Clinical Research is a medical research site, which means we provide medical care including but not limited to physical exams, medical procedures, imaging, and labs at no cost to you once you are enrolled in a clinical trial.

Participating in a clinical trial gives you access to cutting-edge treatments and medications that are currently not available on the market.

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You can play a critical role in advancing medicine.

If you live in or near Coconut Creek, Florida you can contribute to advancing science and medicine by participating in a clinical research study. Every medical breakthrough starts in a clinical trial. Therefore, clinical trial participants play a critical role in advancing medicine for everybody; positively impacting the health of millions of people around the world, including friends and family.

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Access to New Medicine

Get access to medical care and cutting-edge treatments and medical devices that are not available on the market

Access to Board Certified Doctors

At Precision Clinical Research, our investigators are the top physicians in the community with years of research experience within their specialties.


If you qualify for a study, you can earn compensation for time and travel for all study-related activities.

Take Control of Your Health

Joining a clinical trial is a great way to take control of your healthcare by improving and educating yourself about your own health and well-being.

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Participation in Clinical Research Near Coconut Creek: 3 Easy Steps

01. Get In Touch

Contact us to see what studies you may qualify for. Our recruitment manager will ask you a few questions and see if you are eligible for a current or upcoming study.

02. Pre-Screening / Physical Assessment

The next step is a visit to the research facility for a complimentary physical assessment. You will receive an informed consent form (ICF) This is required as part of the screening process and you may ask or discuss any questions you may have.

03. Study Participation Begins

The clinic doctor will review the results from your screening to make sure you are a good fit for a study. Your safety and well-being are always our top priority. participation in the clinical research study can begin

Understanding Clinical Trials and Clinical Research

Will I get paid to participate in a clinical research trial?

The amount paid for participating in a clinical research trial varies from study to study. Some studies range in the hundreds of dollars while others pay thousands of dollars. You will be paid for your time and participation in the study. Compensation is based on the length of the study, the number of outpatient visits and the scheduled phone calls you complete.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies performed in people that are aimed at evaluating a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention. They are the primary way that researchers find out if a new treatment, like a new drug or diet or medical device (for example, a pacemaker) is safe and effective in people. Often a clinical trial is used to learn if a new treatment is more effective and/or has less harmful side effects than the standard treatment. For a more in-depth look at clinical trials, the NIH explains it well here.

Who can participate in a clinical trial?

Every clinical trial has specific guidelines related to the type of participants that are required for the study. These criteria exist to ensure that good statistical data can be collected for the study to achieve its purpose. The factors that permit someone to participate in a clinical trial are called “inclusion criteria” and those that forbid someone from participating are called “exclusion criteria”. These criteria are based on such factors as age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, previous treatment history, and other medical conditions. Some research studies seek participants with illnesses or conditions to be studied in the clinical trial, while others need healthy participants. Inclusion and exclusion criteria are used to identify proper participants and keep them safe. The criteria help ensure that research questions will be answered properly.


How can I join a clinical trial?

If you would like to join a clinical trial, go to our studies page and fill out the form or simply call us at 954-758-4394. Our patient enrollment experts will reach out to you with clinical trial opportunities for which you may be eligible.

Before you join a clinical trial, you will be asked to sign a document referred to as an informed consent form (ICF). This document will outline your participation in the trial, and signing it gives your consent to be enrolled in the study. Your study doctors will review this document with you and answer any questions you have about its contents.

Your participation in a clinical trial is voluntary. If you decide to participate, you may change your mind about being in the study and may quit at any time without penalty or loss of benefits regarding your future care.

What are the benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial?

There are both benefits and risks associated with clinical trials. By participating in a trial, you may benefit by:

  • Gaining access to new treatments that are not yet available to the public
  • Obtaining expert medical care at a leading health care facility
  • Playing an active role in your own health care
  • Helping others by contributing to medical research

There are also risks involved in clinical trials, including:

  • There may be side effects from treatment
  • Treatment may not be effective for some individuals
  • The study may require time for traveling to the study site and receiving treatments

Does a participant continue to work with a primary healthcare provider while in a trial?

Yes. Most clinical trials provide short-term treatments related to a designated illness or condition, but do not provide extended or complete primary health care.